Sunday, June 17, 2012

Deer, me

Went out to el rancho today to work on fencing.  It's amazing, but there are still tons of yellow flowers in the open meadow areas. While I was gone, the two Dans finished tieing all the wire we put up the week before and used the new Stihl chainsaw (The "Farm Boss") he got for birthday and Father's Day.  Along PR 4057, they felled trees which died in the drought. I sure don't want them falling on a new fence. The Farm Boss  "cuts like buttah".

Speaking of 'we,' it's sure nice to have the third member of the team with us again! Danny Severn (D3 in shorthand) has been discharged from the Marine Corps and is back home! He was a super help while I was gone last week, also helping big Dan pick up rolls of goat wire and haul them to the farm from Producer's Co-op. He really likes the place we bought and we hope he'll join us. 

We started at the property line along PR 4057 setting posts.  My tractor has the auger and I was driving to the dig site when I noticed Dan on his tractor, signalling me. Not a clue what he wanted, but noticed his iPhone in his hand. I looked the direction he was facing and thought he was taking photos of the markers along the property line, so, I backed up. Turns out I was wrong, wrong, wrong, He was pointing to a doe and fawn standing on PR 4057, not bothered a bit by three humans and two noisy tractors. Through the morning, we watched them come and go while we dug holes and placed poles. 

We didn't work too late today. I'm really exhausted from a week-long conference and there IS work tomorrow. While the Dans were putting up the tractors, another deer just watched them from not too far away (the picture up above). Thus, our deer seem happy. Since goats are also browsers, we should have happy goats! And speaking of goats, I am going to Goat Camp in October for a week of hands-on fun and learning. More camp news as that gets closer! 

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