Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boil, you darn kettle!

Well, the maternity ward at Asno Blanco is full. Today, Double stuff started zoning into nanny hood. She's usually pretty elusive, but today allowed me to walk up and give her all manner of pets and hugs. She's locked into the round pen with her own goat hut, food and water.

I really thought that Khaki would kid a couple of weeks ago, and now Doll and Belle are boasting huge udders. Sigh.

So, they may all kid at the same time, which has some advantages. The donkeys seem ready for goat tending duties and I trust them with the little ones.
 photo 49ebfce3-22ec-4ec7-952a-480bad619af2_zps23ca6c00.jpg
Right now, this is the youngest goat, sharing some chow with the Jenny's. Soon, after the kettle boils, we will have younger kids!

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