Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jennets Settling In

Today, I spent time at el rancho, mostly socializing with the jennets. I'm beginning to learn about their personalities and each is her own donkey. Molly, the momma, is very sweet and seems to run the herd. She has more red in her coat that does Fiona. Fiona is mostly donkey grey and white and is wider through the hip than Molly. She seems to be the most cautious of the three. Then there's Fancy, the big brown teenager. She varies between bold and skittish and is the only one which has attempted to nibble on my clothes or arms.

Started off the day a few minutes behind the Dans. Got to the gate and no donkey in sight. After parking, I heard the Dans talking by the pond area where they were contemplating various ways of 'refencing' that wet area (which can dry up). This is the last part of perimeter fence that is undone. It's currently fenced with barbed wire. The girls were cornered up and not too happy about it and they came out to the picnic area when they got a chance. They started off a little shy and I just worked on, not making any large movements or staring at them. They finally sauntered up to see what I was doing and were rewarded with a little snack.

They had eaten the small amount of corn I left and had been chewing on the salt block. We filled up their smaller trough with water from the water tote. Later on, I went shopping and bought a 100 gallon trough when I picked up other supplies. We placed it in another part of the property and filled it up too. I estimate they have enough water for at least ten days, not that I won't get out there, but it's a good feeling to know they are safe.
Jelly Mitt Groomer
The girls have been wandering around, grazing donkey style and really enjoying the immense variety of grasses, weeds, and shrubs. At one point, I approached Fiona and began brushing her with a Jelly Mitt. Talk about heaven! She stood stock still while I rubbed her from poll to tail, even hand brushing her legs, chest and flank. Fancy ran up and I brushed her too. Suddenly, I was very popular as all three waited in turn for some brushing. Donkey fur was flying! They especially liked to have their cheeks rubbed. Molly seemed to go into a trance, so I took the opportunity to pick up a front foot. She wasn't too sure about it, but didn't jerk it away too hard. The sole looked fine, but she could definitely use a trim. This is my big project-- getting the ready to stand for foot cleaning and then ultimately for the farrier.
Molly and Fiona

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