Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Busy, Busy

Poor blog. Neglected for four months with nary an update. Well, it's been really busy, with some exciting things going on!  Since our last episode:

  • Danny has built most of his house with help from the folks and a fellow Marine
  • Tank,Spot and BrownKnee all got wethered.
  • Jupiter grew a beard.
  • Z2 had her baby, but it didn't make it.
  • Fea and Z1 each had twins which are huge! 
  • Dan and I got our house ready for sale, with loads of help from Danny--- couldn't have done it without him!
  • Got an oral offer on our house the first day it was listed.
  • Tried to wean Melonhead, but hes a momma's boy and suffers the electric fence to get near Khaki.
  • Dug trenches and laid water lines to the house and all of the pastures. No more toting water
  • Bought a 29 foot travel trailer to live in next to Danny's house
  • Got burgled a week before we planned to move out. Lost my tablet and mini-laptop! Plus the welder, Dan's laptop and lots of tools
  • SweetTea, the little Lamancha doeling, disappeared and we fear the worst. 
  • Bought a 12 x 18 metal storage building to hold farm stuff.
  • Closed on the sale of our house 32 days after listing it for sale.
  • Used a vet recommended wormer and lost a young doe within minutes. Life is fragile.
  • Finally, it's breeding season. Billy BA and his sidekick Quiz are pastured with some of the ladies. When August comes, we'll give the big guy a rest until October. Then, Jupiter and Melonhead might get a shot at doing a buck's work!

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